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Stevie Bar

Meet Stevie, the newest addition to the Sipsters bartending family – a horse float bar that's perfect for large and outdoor events. She's got a full-on cocktail setup and a fridge ready to serve all your drink wishes. Whether you're after bottled drinks or crafted cocktails, Stevie's got you covered to make your event unforgettable.

Stevie's a jack-of-all-trades. Imagine her parked in driveways, chilling in farm or winery fields, set up on busy streets – she can fit in anywhere. Stevie easily handles any event size, from cozy get-togethers to big weddings or parties.

Stevie didn't just get bought; she got a little makeover, starting as a coffee cart and turning it into the ultimate cocktail bar on wheels. Our horse float bar has got style that makes her a solid conversation starter, making your event shine. She's that perfect mix of fancy and practical, creating a cool vibe for any occasion.

While Stevie rules as the go-to wedding cocktail bar, she's not just for weddings. Perfect for any event she brings a touch of class, leaving a lasting impression.

Enquire now to book Stevie for your next event and let her be the talk of the party that turns your celebration into an awesome experience. 

Stevie's more than a bar on wheels; she's a statement.


Portable Bar

Introducing our versatile Portable Bar – the heart of Sipsters' mobile experience. This wooden bar can be assembled in any location, be it your backyard, living room, dining room, office space or outdoors. Just point us to your desired spot and we'll set up the perfect drinks hub for your event.

Our signature Portable Bar holds a special place in our hearts. From intimate gatherings to medium/large-sized events, this bar adapts seamlessly, making it the ideal choice when space is a consideration. With a unique charm and aesthetic appeal, it's not just a bar; it's a statement piece that transforms any space into a celebration.

We also offer a small setup Portable Bar, perfect for more intimate gatherings. While it lacks the size for larger events, it compensates with character and simplicity, creating a charming atmosphere for your small to medium-sized events.

Fill out our quote form now to discuss our portable bar hire options to make your next celebration extraordinary.

Fruity Cocktails

Your Bar

Your Bar is a chance to hire the Sipsters bartenders to bring the cocktails straight into your space. Whether it's a dining table, a kitchen bench or your very own home bar, we bring the mixology magic to you.

With Your Bar, the setting is yours to choose. Picture our expert mixologists crafting cocktails right in the heart of your event, whether it's a special birthday, a lively dinner party or any kind of celebration at home. We seamlessly integrate into your space, ensuring a personalised and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Want to learn the art of mixology from the comfort of your home? We'll turn your kitchen into a cocktail masterclass. Hosting a dinner party and need a professional bartender? Your Bar has got you covered. 

What makes Your Bar special is the flexibility it offers. Ideal for spaces where square footage is a precious commodity, Your Bar is the perfect solution when another bar would take up too much room. Your Bar is more than just a bartending service; it's an invitation to turn your space into a vibrant, personalised cocktail haven. 

Get in touch to hire us now, so we can bring the celebration to you and make your home or workplace the ultimate venue for a night to remember.

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