Can go anywhere

This Build-A-Bar can be assembled in any location, your backyard, the living room, the dining room, a function room: you name it and we can set up this bar there.

Requires an hour prior to the event starting to set up and then at the end of the night it is dismantled and packed away leaving no trace it was there in the first place.

Perfect for smaller parties however if space is an issue, we can operate for large events too.



Coming September 2021

Yes, before you say anything, yes. We know its not much too look at just yet. We know it is unfinished and that you also wouldn't want something like this parked in your driveway looking like this.

Give us a couple of months and then we will ask you if you would like it in your driveway, or parked in a field, or anywhere for that matter.

We have big plans for this horse float, we just need some time to set it up.

Head over to our Instagram for regular updates on its progress.